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Pastor Keith's history is no mystery. If you read the 'About' section of this website you'd learn much about his life as a youth and adolescent growing up in Chicago. Thus, this section is devoted to sharing nuggets with you about his history in the church, which is where his life began to be altered, directly by God, and when mission and ministry came to the forefront.

He grew up in the church, but after his mom passed away when PK was age 9, then his dad passed away in 1980 when PK was age 17, he left the church in 1980 and did not return for 17 years. When he recommited his life to Christ, he and his wife raised their two daughters in the church, and participated in local and national church conventions as part of the leadership team, each year for 12 consecutive years.

Born and raised in the Catholic Church, and with most of his siblings today still attending Sunday Mass, PK was teaching the Apostle's Creed to other youth by age 7, was chosen to deliver the homily on occasion, knew much of the Liturgy, Latin, and was preparing to take the next steps toward the Priesthood when his parents passed.

The following list contains areas where he has served, most of the positions he held and the work he did, serving over 20 years under two pastors at two churches.

From 1997 to 2007 at a Baptist Church he served in these areas:

+ The Pastor's right hand
+ Led the Deacons
+ Led the Sunday School teachers
+ Taught adult Sunday School
+ Member and Director of Male Chorus
+ Designed flyers, banners, cards
+ Printed Programs, posters
+ Installed technology systems
+ Designed new church campus
+ Programmed the web site
+ Published the church newletter
+ Published the membership book
+ Published the church cookbook
+ Designed the church database
+ Gave numerous presentation including 3D
+ Wrote numerous proposals
+ Chaired many successful ministries
+ Worked to expand a prison ministry
+ Worked to develop a TV minisry
+ Represented the church on neighborhood groups
+ Attended and participated at national conventions

From 2009-2014 at a Pentecostal Church he served in this capacity:

+ Produced One Hour church TV show
+ Redesigned/Printed church bulletins
+ Redesigned/Printed annual programs
+ Trained members in graphic design
+ Trained members in web design
+ Designed flyers, banners, cards
+ Designed/Printed programs, posters
+ Upgraded/Repaired computers
+ Redesigned the church web site
+ Redesigned the church newsletter
+ Redesigned the member handbook
+ Designed and animated a new church logo
+ Designed and managed Youtube channel
+ Directed Brotherhood choir
+ Developed a church info DVD
+ Developed a marketing campaign
+ Designed new church campus

These experiences, individually and collectively, were invaluable. In part, it is how God molded, shaped, reshaped, gifted, trained, educated, empowered, and prepared Pastor Keith to plant and pastor a church. Each of the experiences has helped to mature him on his incredible journey.


Pastor Keith is keenly aware that many people in leadership, especially those in the Faith and African-American community are periodically targeted with lies and letters and phone calls in an attempt to stop progress or taint talent. People that do this are ignorant and cowardly because they hide behind technology and hoods to do evil.

This is a practice that goes back centuries targeting those of us who make it our mission to give hope to people as an alternative to the hate others want to promote. The Bible teaches us not to repay evil with evil; to love and pray for our enemies; and to 'forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.'

His 2016 book titled: White Hatred Black Hope can provide some history and additional insight on this and other supremacy crimes. Be blessed. +PK

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