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Pastor Keith has been active in the ministry 25 years. He has designed a handful of proposed church campuses and a myriad of other projects as well. His designs are backed by decades of experience, and always shows in the final plan, proposal, and presentation.

His design skills began to develop in Senior High School in drafting class. He won the acclaim of many people with his pencil sketch of the entire skyline of downtown Chicago, which he and his wife presented to his god-mother Hazel Phoenix in 1986 as a Mother's Day gift.

In early 2000 he enrolled in Minneapolis Drafting School and a few years later earned a masters through a real estate development course at University of St. Thomas.

His first major project was the design/build of a technology high school, which earned him a million dollar annual contract.

"This Series on Economic Development for Churches is dear to me because it always pains me to hear from or hear about pastors that are struggling to learn how to to use God's power to help build up and edify God's Kingdom through the local church, by using the resources right in their own community."

To learn how Pastor Keith can possibly help with your project, watch the DVD Series containing four, 30 minute videos that provide interviews and detailed information on how to get the most out of the places and spaces in your community.

If you need additional help, contact Pastor Keith. He is willing to travel to your location, assess your situation, and provide suggestions and solutions for helping you to move forward in your plan and project.

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