Bible Study and Ministry Class are ways we learn the foundations and principles of faith. Most churches do not have a Ministry Class in additional to their Bible Study, but need one for members who are ready to go further in their faith. Classes can be done virtually via platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Facebook Live. And, depending on your needs, Pastor Keith may be available to come to your location to teach on site, while following Covid protocols. Here's the:

+ Class Invitation Video (3 mins)

+ Class Information Flyer


Location is based on registration.

Pastor Keith teaches basic and in-depth knowledge of the Bible (KJV).

As a student, you should be ready to participate in skits and plays that bring the Bible into visual perspective. You should prepare to be taught and to be tested, so that you can reflect on your growth. Pastor Keith does give homework assignments.

In addition to the Bible, he uses a training manual that he authored many years ago as a course resource titled: Dictionary of Bible Lessons. Here is a 62-page sample that you can preview.


Location is based on registration.

Pastor Keith teaches the importance of going beyond church and Bible study. Especially for Christians who have been in church for many years.

This class takes periodic field trips to shelters, prisons, hospitals, etc., to teach students how to do ministry work hands-on.

Using his book, Church On Sunday Nothing On Monday, #14 in the Book section, he trains people how to go outside the church walls to put faith into action.


Registering for class is the first step. It's a way to let God know you want to grow and for you to commit to doing so.

The Bible Study is a great place to start or expand what you already know about the Bible, but if you're ready for the next level to put your faith into action, register for the Ministry Class.

Look for notice that your registration is accepted within 48 hours. You can bring your own pencil/pen and a notebook, but if you don't have them you'll receive them in class. Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in class!


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Bible Study or Ministry Class?



Pastor Keith is keenly aware that many people in leadership, especially those in the Faith and African-American community are periodically targeted with lies and letters and phone calls in an attempt to stop progress or taint talent. People that do this are ignorant and cowardly because they hide behind technology and hoods to do evil.

This is a practice that goes back centuries targeting those of us who make it our mission to give hope to people as an alternative to the hate others want to promote. The Bible teaches us not to repay evil with evil; to love and pray for our enemies; and to 'forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.'

His 2016 book titled: White Hatred Black Hope can provide some history and additional insight on this and other supremacy crimes. Be blessed. +PK

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