Pastor Keith is the Founder of Gospel and Grace Christian Church. God placed the vision to start the church in Pastor Keith's heart in 2008.

After two years of preparation, in 2010 Pastor Keith wrote a 75-page church and ministry plan. In May 2012 he secured

Less than a month later, in June 2012, God showed him it was time and he faithfully submitted and registered Articles of Incorporation for Gospel and Grace Christian Church with the State of Minnesota.

While spending many years training and preparing for this assignment, he served as the right hand to the pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church 10 years. PK's affiliation with Bethesda is still going strong today in 2022 and PK makes it a point to not only visit the church periodically, he is still great friends with his Pastor and they meet to eat a few times a year.

PK, his wife, kids and grandkids, attended a Pentecostal church for several years since 2009, and he has helped many churches, pastors, and ministries, since 1996. Since then, Pastor Keith served in many roles that helped prepare him to walk into the calling on his life.

For additional information on how Pastor Keith is using his God-given gifts to help uplift the church and the ministry see his book 'What Are You Doing With Your Gifts' #78 in the Books section.

Pastor Keith is currently working on completing his PhD in Organizational Leadership and is actively looking to lease, buy or build a facility to open the doors to Gospel and Grace Christian Church.


Pastor Keith is keenly aware that many people in leadership, especially those in the Faith and African-American community are periodically targeted with lies and letters and phone calls in an attempt to stop progress or taint talent. People that do this are ignorant and cowardly because they hide behind technology and hoods to do evil.

This is a practice that goes back centuries targeting those of us who make it our mission to give hope to people as an alternative to the hate others want to promote. The Bible teaches us not to repay evil with evil; to love and pray for our enemies; and to 'forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.'

His 2016 book titled: White Hatred Black Hope can provide some history and additional insight on this and other supremacy crimes. Be blessed. +PK

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