Pastor Keith's conferences can help you grab and hold onto the motivation needed to help you move forward in your life and in your ministry!

Here's the:

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He teaches from many of his books bringing a balance of prophetic and practical information that can help you face and overcome obstacles to your growth.

Featuring three power packed sessions and some great guest speakers, this is how to:

+ Ignite Your Saints
+ Motivate Your Staff
+ Excite Your Students!


At some point in our lives we have to make a decision to either live for God or die with the devil. Either you lay down and pout, or get up and shout.

This conference can help teach you how to make your haters your elevators; turn obstacles into opportunities; and your setbacks into strengths.

Stand up and be recognized because you are somebody special with unique gifts and experiences that can help others get through what you've gone through!


Registering for the conference is the first step. Registration for each city typically opens 60 days before the conference date.

Look for notice that your registration is confirmed within one week after registration. If you have any questions contact us by Email or call 651-368-9090.


Registration opens soon, please check back. If you need to reach someone for more information please call 651-368-9090.

Tips For Taking Mission Trips
Video: 1 hour
Pastor Keith talks with a couple he met at his Books 'N Tea cafe` who travels to Isreal for mission work each year.
Demons in the Darkness 4
ISBN: 978-1938588839
68 Full Color 3D Illustrated Pages
Released April 2018
Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Suggested Scripture
"Fret not thyself because of evildoers,
neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity."
Psalm 37:1 KJV
Behind the Scenes on the Set
Video: 40 mins.
Pastor Keith chats with Hollywood Actresses Rae Dawn Chong and Joyce Dewitt about their roles in his upcoming film Street Signs.
Fasting For Change
ISBN: 978-1537124872
176 Pages
Released August 2016
Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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+ Using Social Media For Ministry
Repent Does Not Mean Repeat
Video: 35 mins.
Pastor Keith reminds us that repent does not mean repeat and how not to walk back into what you've been delivered from.
Preaching Without a Pulpit
ISBN: 978-1530965847
238 Pages
Released May 2016
Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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Christians Be Careful
Video: 15 mins.
Pastor Keith teaches Christians to be careful when responding to any world crisis by not protesting with those who are anti-Christ.
Consecrate Thyself For The Lord
ISBN: 978-1532820571
250 Pages
Released April 2016
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