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Pastor Keith Hammond is from the Englewood community on the south side of Chicago. He spent much of his teen years in Shaker Heights Ohio. His dad and mom were medical professionals, but died when he was age 9 (mom); and age 17 (dad).

The death of his parents caused him to rebel. He joined a gang, sold and did drugs, has even been to jail more than once.

In his neighborhood, the only options for young African-American men at that time were gangs, guns, drugs, jail, and death. Pastor Keith chose Academics and Athletics to survive, and to escape.

Those years of rebellion led him into a life of ministry and he has since spent 20 years using his past as a platform to train people how to face and overcome obstacles to growth, and to make Godly decisions. His messages and ministries reach thousands across multiple platforms. He speaks with a passion that comes from life experiences most people couldn't handle.

In order for PK to be effective in the church and the ministry, he had to live and learn that:

+ When people are hurting they want hope.
+ When heartbroken they need healing.
+ When having a hard time they deserve help.

It was heartache and hardship that helped shape him into the man of God and minister he is today.

Pastor Keith has authored dozens of books. His writing career began in 1984 with a degree in Broadcast Communications. He went on to study Journalism at Chicago State University in 1987, but it wasn't until he moved his family to Minnesota in 1991, that he landed his first paid writing assignment.

He became the lead reporter for a local newspaper, and wrote numerous front-page features on various subjects. He's interviewed, written articles about, filmed and photographed celebrities, and has a plethora of personal, professional, and practical experiences to pull from. He's passionate about living for the Lord.

He teaches pastors how to recognize and utilize the gifts of people in their church, the resources in their own community; and helps pastors learn how to hear and heed God's vision for their church, ministry, school, etc.

His varied background as the right hand to a pastor for ten years, a former real estate developer several years, a software programmer and database designer over 30 years, and an architectural designer and draftsman since age 17, has been beneficial to other pastors in many ways.

He says when pastors embrace how Jesus draws people unto Himself, they are effective at growing both ministry and membership. Scripturally, this starts by getting outside the four walls, which is often difficult for some who may not want to walk out of tradition in order to welcome in transition.

PK's other accomplishments include:

+ 35 years of marriage.
+ 2 adult daughters both married.
+ 5 grandchildren.
+ 22 years in church leadership.
+ Many degrees & certifications.
+ Designed and built a High School.
+ Designs churches/schools for other Pastors.
+ Written many software programs.
+ Producing a Feature Film and TV Show Pilot.
+ Owns Books 'N Tea Cafe`.
+ Owns Lessons For Life Books.
+ Owns Lessons For Life Films.

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For a look inside the life, love, and laughter of PK's family, here are some pictures and video from PK's wife's 50th birthday party in 2015.

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Pastor Keith is keenly aware that many people in leadership, especially those in the Faith and African-American community are periodically targeted with lies and letters and phone calls in an attempt to stop progress or taint talent. People that do this are ignorant and cowardly because they hide behind technology and hoods to do evil.

This is a practice that goes back centuries targeting those of us who make it our mission to give hope to people as an alternative to the hate others want to promote. The Bible teaches us not to repay evil with evil; to love and pray for our enemies; and to 'forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.'

His 2016 book titled: White Hatred Black Hope can provide some history and additional insight on this and other supremacy crimes. Be blessed. +PK

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